I just spent an hour making tacos, cutting up steak that was worth $15 of my share of the food bill, $40 in total, cutting cooking, seasoning, everything, only to have one of my roomie's friends who is over eat three taco shells worth of meat in one shell, finishing off ALL of the meat that was left when everybody had only had their first taco. I got ONE taco. One. After an hour of work. And delicious steak that I was SO excited for.

I really, really hate this guy. I wish he weren't my roomie's best friend. I hate when he comes over.

I especially hate when he plays DnD with us and uses my dice, MY dice, from MY special container, in MY room, without my permission.


What I Think Of Freud

So last year I took a course called "The Politics of Love" which sounded fascinating and turned out to be basically Freud 101. I hated the professor very much, and the class was a three hour long weekly seminar, leading to my retreat to writing notes to vent my scholarly rage. Here is a compilation of all those notes from last year, just for the fish. (For the halibut.) This is in chronological order, so as you read it you'll get to see the evolution of my hatred for the professor. I've left out the actual notes from the first couple weeks of the class when I was still trying to take it seriously.

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Newwww cosplay in the woooorks...

In case you were wondering, I totally blame [info]_anatra_ for inspiring this entry. :P

I'm already tired of Leomon. @.@

That said, my next project is going to be ENTEI. 8D

It will look like a quadsuit... but actually be worn "centaur" style! Muahahaa! And I have biiiig plans for what the face will be capable of. You'll just have to guess based on these terrible sketches what I'm planning.


Wh wh wh whaaaaaa

Okay. So. I woke up this morning after having a bizarre dream that I was having a furry convention in my parents house. There were a LOT of people at this convention. And one of the heads I am currently working on (it's a mythical beast thing) apparently, in my dream, was a head I was making as a gift for Beetlecat, and I'd finished furring the front of the face but not the back. So anyways I'd forgotten about it and it was supposed to be a surprise but I'd left it in the living room, and Beetlecat had noticed it and had cut out the pieces of fur for the back of the head... except that they were totally the wrong colour (baby pink) and were pieces of low quality fun fur. So... I either had to insult one of my favourite creators by rejecting their suggestions or I had to totally mess up what I had in mind for the head. It was very distressing. And then I went up into my bedroom and was sitting at my computer and this chick I knew in first year who I had a thing for but she treated me like crap yadda yadda (IRL she was over last night to see my roomies which is why I was thinking about her) came into my room, picked up my day-by-day tear off calendar, looked at it, started reading, and then BURST INTO SONG. I have no idea what she was singing, just that it had an invisible back-up band (that would be the result of reading before bed) and it was overpoweringly good... and also loud. So yeah.

In real life news, I submit one of the fursuit heads I had kicking around to one of my univeristy's many random little art shows, thinking maybe I'd snag the $500 prize - and the university people noticed it and liked it so much they are going to commission me for a mascot. And I just talked to the coordinator of the art show today, who is acting (for the moment) as an in-between for the college office and I - and she informed me that they just got a budget of $2000 approved for the mascot!!! AHH! :D

Furnal Equinox 2010

So, both my first ever furry convention and Toronto's first furry convention took place this weekend. I only went for a few hours on the Saturday but it was lots of fun - considering that I go to Anime North every year which, in terms of size, takes over the whole of three hotels and a giant convention centre, whereas FE only used about five rooms off to the side of one of the halls in one of those same hotels that AN uses, it was not exactly overwhelming. But, at the same time, it was really nice to have just a small little convention, and I think it was a good one for my first. Saw some people, took some pictures, goofed around dressed like a dog (barking at people to get their attention is fun) and got a super awesome snazzy button custom made for only five bucks. It was a lot of fun and for sure next year I'll be going to buy a table in the Dealer's Den and make a bunch of tails to bring as well as bring my sewing machine and maybe even a head to do a silent auction on.

So yeah, Furnal Equinox was a lot of fun - and Tara didn't seem to mind me dragging her there. She laughed pretty hard when, while in suit, my German Shepherd character and another fella in a Husky suit caught each others' gaze and had playful a growling match. She also insisted I run around the apartment in the suit to freak the cats out - which was hilarious.

Extreme Makeover: Fursuit Edition!!!

Just got a GSD suit in the mail last week that I obtained through a trade. It's a used suit that the maker herself felt was not up to scratch - just sort of taking up room in her closet. I've taken it upon myself to update him and make him awesome. Here is a picture of the suit that the original owner/maker took:

I've already ripped off the red felt scars and taken out the long tongue and teeth that you can't see in this picture (I suspect the tongue was added after this was taken because the tongue went two or three inches beyond the snout) as well as put in new eyes and sculpted the new teeth and the new nose, the latter of which will be covered in leather, put on the head, and then surrounded by nice new snout fur... I'm going to tear out the ears and just put in completely new ones. And this is just the head... the tail I want to fiddle with a bit, and I'm going to have to rip the seams on the gloves, make new pawpads, cut new fabric for the fingers, sew it all back together again...

I may just stick with updating the head from time to time because I need to finish this gryphon for my customer at some point. :P I'm looking forward to the before and after pictures of this guy, though.
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Nude Models

So today in my drawing class I had my very first experience of sketching a nude model. I'll admit, initially I was frightened that it would be an old man or someone equally... unappealing to think of naked. I was pleasantly surprised by the model we got - she was a young woman, probably between nineteen and twenty-eight or so, and had a figure that was really very "real" - from some angles her thighs looked like drumsticks, from others they looked like the legs of a model - from some angles she had a huge potbelly, from others she didn't - in certain poses her breasts were small or droopy, in others pert and full. As I drew her from pose to pose, I found myself thinking that it reminded me a lot of myself and my insecurities about my body - from some angles I have a double chin, in certain poses I look much paunchier than I did three or four years ago. It resonated with me in a way that was... familiar, but also alien.

Drawing was a surprise - at first, blushingly, I couldn't even look at her when I went up to get my chalk, and then I couldn't bear to draw her nipples which, strangely, struck me as more erogenous than her vulva. Perhaps it was that the latter were mostly concealed by shadow and thigh whereas the former were just... out there in the open. Eventually I got over it and began to really enjoy the honesty of drawing a nude figure, without the frustrations of trying to draw the fold and fall of clothing, knowing that what's there in front of your eyes is just what's there, nothing hidden, nothing to deceive the eye. When our professor began to get nervous about the old ladies who were coming in to use the room next (we rent out the basement of the church because our campus was not designed with art students in mind) she had the model wear clothes for the final pose, and it was strangely upsetting. Ironically, when I spotted a bit of the outline of a nipple through her dress, I was comforted to know that the body I'd become familiar with over the last two hours was still there, and that I had a point of reference as to where everything clean and simple was under all that fabric.

She's coming in again next week and I'm really looking forward to it - in large part because I was shocked by how well my drawings turned out. I've long held that I can't draw people, but it's the clothing that's been throwing me off this whole time, I think. Animals are made of simple, beautiful structures and curves and patterns and, without clothing, I've discovered to my surprise that people are too!

I'll take pictures of some of my sketches in a bit and upload them to show anyone who's interested. (Edit: Here! )