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Furnal Equinox 2010

So, both my first ever furry convention and Toronto's first furry convention took place this weekend. I only went for a few hours on the Saturday but it was lots of fun - considering that I go to Anime North every year which, in terms of size, takes over the whole of three hotels and a giant convention centre, whereas FE only used about five rooms off to the side of one of the halls in one of those same hotels that AN uses, it was not exactly overwhelming. But, at the same time, it was really nice to have just a small little convention, and I think it was a good one for my first. Saw some people, took some pictures, goofed around dressed like a dog (barking at people to get their attention is fun) and got a super awesome snazzy button custom made for only five bucks. It was a lot of fun and for sure next year I'll be going to buy a table in the Dealer's Den and make a bunch of tails to bring as well as bring my sewing machine and maybe even a head to do a silent auction on.

So yeah, Furnal Equinox was a lot of fun - and Tara didn't seem to mind me dragging her there. She laughed pretty hard when, while in suit, my German Shepherd character and another fella in a Husky suit caught each others' gaze and had playful a growling match. She also insisted I run around the apartment in the suit to freak the cats out - which was hilarious.